Bach TB200B USA Trombone Outfit w/F Attachment

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    Trombone Outfit w/F Attachment

    Intermediate level medium bore trombone with F attachment. The TB200B is similar in many respects to Bach's professional grade 36B "Stradivarius." A quality, American built horn, it represents an excellent value at this level. The primary differences between the 200B and a professional 36B are the 200B has a heavier overall build and a 2-piece bell design. The heavier build helps the instrument withstand routine bumps and bangs, as well as helps give a darker, more sonorous tone than more lightly built instruments. Features of the TB200B include:
    • 8" two-piece yellow brass bell with engraving. The two piece bell design is easier to manufacture and is thus a significant cost saving measure. Players at the intermeduate level will generally not be able to distinguish the subtle playing difference between this design and a more expensive one-piece bell.
    • Traditional rotary valve. The standard rotary valve is a reliable and airtight device used to shunt airflow into or past the F attachment. Rotor valves are easy to maintain and unless bone dry, will not leak.
    • Mechanical valve linkage. Mechanical miniball linkages are tight and precise, and reduce the chances of clanking or breakage common in older ball & socket or string designs.
    • Standard wrap F attachment. A standard wrap affords protection to the horn by keeping the F tubing within the arc of the main tuning slide. Doing so helps prevent damage to the tubing from collisions on the marching field or in busy bandrooms.
    • Finger ring on slide handle. A finger ring allows players with smaller hands to work the wider handslide found on this horn. Those with full sized hands can ignore the ring and hold the slide traditionally.
    • Brass outer slide tubes. Brass outer tubes are generally thought to help produce a darker, more intense sound with great projection that is less apt to "break up" at high volume levels.
    • Seamless chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide tubes. The lack of a seam helps make the inner tubes perfectly round-they don't flatten or bulge at the seam. This, together with the polished nickel finish makes the action quick, light and quiet.
    • Vincent Bach mouthpiece. The 6.5A is an excellent mouthpiece choice for this horn. If you like, it can be swapped for any other in-stock Bach mouthpiece of similar cost at no additional charge.
    • Professional quality wood shell case with lay-flat design. The woodshell case for this horn is strongly built for years of rough service. It lies lies flat when open, making access to the horn easy and safe. Inside are slots for two mouthpieces and a compartment for a few small accessory items.
    • Metal cleaning rod. You're going to need one anyway, and this saves you the expense later on.
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