Hopson, Jim Futility in Seven Positions

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  • Hopson, Jim

    Futility in Seven Positions [w/narrator]

    21st Century. Jim Hopson's Futility in Seven Positions for Trombone Ensemble and Narrator is a pithy work of about 4 minutes for advanced performers. It is comprised of four movements:
    1. Way of the Blade, a Presto movement with lots of glisses that runs headlong into a quote from the Tommy Dorsey signature melody.
    2. Book Learnin' a sarcastic rant on the rigidity of school homework.
    3. Courting Disaster is a great joke told by the narrator over a rhythmic bass line.
    4. Disco featuring the Tuba Mirum solo over a groovin' Disco line.
    All the above is just fun and games tongue firmly planted in cheek including a final gasp quoting Ravel's Bolero. - the publisher
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