Vaughan Williams, Ralph (Malmstrom) Symphony No 2 [London], Extracts from

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  • Vaughan Williams, Ralph (Malmstrom)

    Symphony No 2 [London], Extracts from (Malmstrom)

    20th Century (1913). A London Symphony (also known as Symphony No 2) was composed in 1912-13 and first performed in 1914 just before the beginning of World War I. That version is not the one we know now, as it was revised several times into the present version from 1933 and shortened from over 60 minutes in length to about 40 minutes. The Symphony is not intended to be programmatic, however, there are touches of familiar tunes, especially the chimes of Westminster. The music ranges from calm and gentleto playful, grave, and vigorous. Randall Malmstrom's 5-minute arrangement of extracts from the work is for a 7-part trombone ensemble made up of advanced performers and includes an optional contrabass trombone part. -the publisher

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