Biebl, Franz (Manduca) Ave Maria - Angelus Domini

Trombone Septets

  • Biebl, Franz (Manduca)

    Ave Maria - Angelus Domini (Manduca)

    20th Century. Gorgeous choral anthem originally for seven part men's chorus, here set for trombone choir. Parts can easily be doubled. Solo cantor line can be played solo or in unison. Alternates between short recitative and full-choir chorale sections that continually build to the end. This is one of those charts that will make your hair stand on end. As a direct transcription, this work is similarly voiced to the Lumpkin arrangement. Manduca, unlike Lumpkin, has printed the solo cantor line in all seven parts so that the director may choose the player(s) for the solo work or use a combination of two or more players as a soli or tutti. Other differences include the use of overarching phrase markings, more agressive dynamic shifts, and a key (Eb) a third higher than that of Lumpkin (C). Clefs are TTB-TBBB.

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