Various (Reynolds) Moravian Chorales & Chants

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    Moravian Chorales & Chants (Reynolds)

    Jeff Reynolds, a great authority on the music of the Moravian Church has beautifully arranged seven Chorales and Chants for four-part trombone ensemble. These are gorgeous sounding settings and can make a wonderful addition to a service or concert. They are for moderately advanced performers with the top part mostly in tenor clef. A contrabass part is provided for Freuen wir uns. Contents:

    •  O Lord in me Fulfill
    •  O Deepest Grief
    •  What Splendid Rays of Truth and Grace
    •  When My Love to Christ Grows Weak
    •  O Sacred Head Now Wounded
    •  Freuen wir uns
    •  Verbum Patris humanatur

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