Egea, J. Vicent Rapsodia Flamenca

Trombone Quintets

  • Egea, J. Vicent

    Rapsodia Flamenca [solo bass trombone & quartet]

    21st Century (2011). For solo bass trombone & trombone quartet (5 parts total). This composition was commissioned by trombonist Ben van Dijk to whom it is dedicated. The Flamenco language used is the consequence of the admiration the composer and soloisthave for this kind of music. The work is written in a concertante style and uses the different technical and expressive resources of all the members of the quartet in an ongoing dialogue that supports the soloist who plays a part of great virtuosity. Thedifferent compositional elements of the flamenco style, such as rhythmic, harmonic and melodic ornamentations, are the most used in this composition. At the same time the different themes employed derive from the typical flamenco "cantes" or "palos", such as buleria, solea, tiento and fandango, and develop the musical discourse within the free shape of a rhapsody. This work is featured on the CD of Ben Van Dijk, Never Alone. -the publisher

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