Tychinski Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir, v.1 - Quartets

Trombone Quartets

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    Warm-Ups for Trombone Choir, v.1 - Quartets

    A collection of 20 short, original 4-part exercises intended to sharpen an ensemble's ears before rehearsal. Says the composer, "In 2005 I wanted to have some short exercises to play at the start of Trombone Choir rehearsal to get my students listening to one another so they could find the correct intonation, blend and balance. Standard chorales are fantastic for this but offer very little variety in style and harmony. I sketched three short exercises that I used with my group for several years, but I discovered that the older students had learned what these "felt" like and could replicate it very quickly. A good thing perhaps, but it also meant that we needed some new material to keep them on their toes." The etudes run about 16 bars each, and deal with traditional harmonies, common tone modulations, bell tones, dissonant clusters, unison-to-harmony and back, etc. These etudes are different from those offered in volume 2 (octets). Contains a full score and set of parts (one copy each). -cdp

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