Various (Holland) Boston Symphony Orchestra Trombone Quartet Album, v.2

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    Boston Symphony Orchestra Trombone Quartet Album, v.2 (Holland)

    The Boston Symphony Orchestra Trombone Quartet Album is a three-volume collection of 49 trombone quartets selected and arranged by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra trombone section (ca. 1900-1910). The tunes are songs, hymns, choruses and dances,mostly from the second half of the 19th century, in standard harmony. Many selections have an old-timey feel to them that is immensely appealing and serve as a time capsule of a bygone era and musical tradition. The quartets also offer a terrific opportunity for chamber musicians to fine tune their ensemble sensibility. Includes full score and four separate parts booklets. Titles in this volume include:
    • KLAUER Abschied vom Walde
    • BA WEBER Wanderers Nachtgebet
    • HERMES Das einsame Roeslein
    • FISCHER Roeslein im Walde
    • ABT Staendchen
    • REICHARDT Das Bild der Rose
    • ABT Wanderlied
    • KREUTZER Schaefers Sonntagslied
    • SCHROETER Nur Du!
    • Choral: Jesus, meine Zuversicht
    • STERN An Meyerbeer
    • REISSIG Vergiss mein nicht
    • BEETHOVEN Fahrewohl du Goldne Sonne
    • BRAUN Mutterseelenallein
    • MENDELSSOHN Abschied vom Walde
    • HOFFMAN Der Schoenste Engel.
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