Various (Blazhevich) Russian Folk Songs, v.2

Trombone Quartets

  • Various (Blazhevich)

    Russian Folk Songs, v.2 (Blazhevich)

    Collection of 18 trombone quartets selected and arranged by Blazhevich. Volume 2 includes the second nine of the collection: TRADITIONAL U Kaluzskih Vorot (Nearby the Kaluga Gates); IDKIS Dolya Bednayaka (The Pauper's Share); BLAZHEVICH Pastushek (The Little Herdsman); Vostochnaya Melodia (Middle Eastern Melody); Vals Schertso (Waltz Scherzo); CHOPIN Traurniy Marsh (Funeral March); SCHUMANN Veseliy Krestianin (The Happy Farmer); WAGNER Svadebnaya Pesnya (Wedding Song). Clefs are AATB (optional TTBB).
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