Various (Blazhevich) Russian Folk Songs, v.1

Trombone Quartets

  • Various (Blazhevich)

    Russian Folk Songs, v.1 (Blazhevich)

    Collection of 18 trombone quartets selected and arranged by Blazhevich. Volume 1 includes the first nine of the collection: TRADITIONAL Russian Revolutionary Song; Luchinushka (The Little Torch); Ne Bely Snegi (No White Snow); Internatsional (The International); Pesnya Kommuny (Song of the Commune); Vanka Kluchnik (Ivan the Key Keeper); VARLAMOV Krasniy Sarafan (The Red Dress); IDKIS Veselie Kuznetsy (The Cheerful Blacksmith); BLAZHEVICH Motor (The Motor); TCHEREPNIN Ne Plachte Nad Trupami (Don'tCry Over the Corpse). Clefs are ATBB (optional TTBB).
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