Mortimer, John Glenesk Happy Birthday & Variations

Trombone Quartets w/Rhythm Section

  • Mortimer, John Glenesk

    Happy Birthday & Variations [ryhthm section optional]

    The original classic tune by Mildred Hill, presented 5 ways:
    1. Original form in 8 bars. Trombone 1 has the melody, harmonized by trombones 2-4. Designed to be played when no one is singing. Key of C.
    2. Singing form in 8 bars. Lowered a fifth to the key of F, with the melody in the 3rd trombone. Designed to be an accompaniment to people singing.
    3. March version in 4/4 over 18 bars.
    4. Waltz version in 24 bars.
    5. Tango version in 4/4 over 20 bars.
    Piano/guitar and drum parts are included as accompaniments to the March, Tango and Waltz versions. All versions are playable as trombone quartet alone without piano/guitar or drums. -cdp

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