Burton, Chris Reflections

Trombone Nonets

  • Burton, Chris

    Reflections [solo trombone & octet]

    21st Century (2007). For solo trombone and trombone octet (9 parts total). Inspired by the text of 1 Corinthians 13:12, this piece is based on duality. One idea remains below the surface, while another seems to take the forefront, just in time for the two to switch places again. The choir is divided into two parts for the majority of the piece, coming together just as concrete ideas emerge, only to sink back into the haze. This piece was written with an additional solo part, intended for Professor Brent Phillips. The solo part is quite demanding while the choir parts stay quite manageable. Octet is in the form of two ATTB quartets. Choir's clefs are ABBB-ABBB. -the composer/

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