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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (Hall)

    School for Trombone (Hall)

    The J. S. Bach School for Trombone, arranged and recorded by Mike Hall, features Bach's 15 Two-Part Inventions (BWV 772-786) and the 15 (3-part) Sinfonias (BWV 787-801) as playable duets and trios AND most importantly as "play-along" chamber music on alto, tenor and bass trombone. In short, a performer may choose any of Mike Hall's 150 superbly recorded tracks as accompaniments to "play-along" with. Similar to the famous Music Minus One recordings from decades past.

    What is included in this fantastic project?

    • All 150 tracks are delivered by a download from a secure and safe link from Shopify. Customers will receive a confirmation email with the link upon completion of payment. The link comes with both the download version and the mailed version.
    • 71 pages of the complete Two-Part Inventions and Sinfonias in score format.
    • Mike Hall's Introduction and commentary on each of the above 30 pieces of music, including detailed instruction on how to best perform baroque ornaments on each instrument.
    • 150 tracks (in high quality lossless WAV format) of Mike Hall's performing on alto, tenor and bass trombone of every possible combination of each of the 30 pieces to "Play-Along" with on either alto, tenor or bass trombone. Each "play-along" track comes with a click to keep you "on track."
    -the publisher

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