Gabrieli, Giovanni (McKinney) Omnes Gentes Plaudite, Ch.52 (1597)

16 Trombones

  • Gabrieli, Giovanni (McKinney)

    Omnes Gentes Plaudite, Ch.52 (1597) (McKinney)

    Renaissance. Omnes Gentes by Giovanni Gabrieli is a 16-part vocal motet in 4 choirs that has been transcribed for Trombone ensemble by Russell McKinney. As with most of Gabrieli's works, there is a stereophonic effect produced by separating the choirs inthe hall. Each choir has its opportunity to sound the melody, followed by the other choirs, augmenting the previous effect even more. -the publisher

    From the volume Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. Transposed down a sixth from the original (key of F Dorian - 3 flats). Rhythmic values have been halved from the original (e.g. dotted whole is now dotted half). Clefs are ATBB-TBBB-TBBB-TBBB. -cdp

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