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    Advanced Contest Solos, v.3 w/Keith Brown CD [Music Minus One]

    Each Music Minus One set includes printed music and a CD. The printed music is of the solo part only, piano parts are not included. The CD contains recordings of the solo & accompaniment together, as well as the piano accompaniments only. Some selectionsmay have slower tempo performances for pieces that present a more complex technical challenge. The accompaniments were recorded with the pianist listening to a playback of the complete performance. In this way, the tempo, phrasing, and subtle nuances of the soloist were re-recorded. A printed copy of the solo part is included with cues and rhythmic notations. In addition, a performance guide with comprehensive tehnical advice, personal insights and musical illustrations is presented by the soloist for each selection. Listening to the accompaniment while following the solo part will give a better sense of ensemble and understanding of the music. This volume includes CORELLI Sonata in D minor (Sarabanda and Giga); CROCE-SPINELLI Solo de Concours; DAVISON Sonata (last and 2nd mvts.); MOZART Concerto in Bb 3rd mvt.(Rondo). CD recorded by Keith Brown, Canadian Soloist.
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