Tartini, Giuseppe (Morales-Matos) Adagio Cantabile

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Tartini, Giuseppe (Morales-Matos)

    Adagio Cantabile (Morales-Matos)

    The Tartini Adagio Cantabile is a beautiful and haunting piece of music composed by the Italian Baroque composer Giuseppe Tartini. The composition is a slow and contemplative piece that is characterized by its lyrical melody and expressive harmonies.

    The piece is originally scored for solo violin and string orchestra, and it begins with a simple, yet evocative melody that is accompanied by a gentle, pulsing accompaniment. As the piece progresses, the soloist becomes more expressive, weaving intricatemelodies around the underlying harmonic structure.

    One of the most notable features of the Tartini Adagio Cantabile is its use of dissonance, particularly in the harmonies that underpin the solo part. These dissonances create a sense of tension and release throughout the piece, adding to its emotional impact.

    Overall, the Tartini Adagio Cantabile is a masterful work of Baroque music and this 4-minute arrangement by Jaime Morales Matos showcases the expressive power of the Trombone and the creative genius of the composer. Its haunting melody and expressive harmonies have made it a beloved piece among both performers and audiences alike.

    Appropriate for advanced intermediate performers and is in bass clef.

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