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    Gift of Little G, The

    21st Century (2019). The Gift of "Little G" was written for trombonist Jonathan Whitaker. The work is a musical showcase of virtuoso technique and lyrical styles capable on the trombone. The music utilizes Bach's famous Little Fugue in G Minor (BMV 578) to explore a wide range of musical characters and contrasting moods. -the publisher

    Program Notes: The Gift of "Little G" is a commissioned work for Jonathan Whitaker, trombone professor at The University of Alabama. Whitaker requested a new solo trombone work that he could dedicate to his son, Garrett (also known by his nickname - "Little G".) The dedication is a musical portrait focusing on various features of Garrett's personality. As Whitaker describes him, "Garrett is full of energy and the happiest kid you'll meet. He's happy, upbeat and a little reckless." The music capturesthese features while incorporating Whitaker's favorite fugal subject from the Little Fugue in G Minor by J.S. Bach. The fugal subject is employed and also embedded in several original musical themes while creating the image of the happiest little boy in Alabama. By the conclusion of the solo, it becomes apparent that Garrett's jovial personality and spirit has touched the lives of many and upon reflecting on this, it is also clear that he is "The Gift."

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