Pryor, Arthur (Shifrin/Turner) Canhanibalmo Rag

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Pryor, Arthur (Shifrin/Turner)

    Canhanibalmo Rag (Shifrin/Turner)

    A jokey play on the Hannibal, MIssouri, one of the big stops for the riverboats of the late 19th century. Having been born and raised not too far away in Saint Joseph, this rag typifies the kind of music Pryor would have heard there and in Kansas City when growing up. Because Canhanibalmo is far less technically difficult than most of his solos for trombone, this clever, light-hearted Rag makes the genius of Arthur Pryor's writing accessible for young players for the first time _ as well as serving asan excellent encore for advanced and professional players. -the publisher

    This is an easy-going ragtime solo in style and form, complete with some characteristic glissando licks similar to the famous Lassus Trombone by Fillmore. The solo part is all in bass clef, with optional octave passages. -cdp

    (solo part sample page)

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