Bolcom, William (Cionek) Concerto

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  • Bolcom, William (Cionek)

    Concerto (Cionek)

    21st Century (2015). William Bolcom's Trombone Concerto was premiered at the International Trombone Workshop in New York City in 2016 by the New York Philharmonic with Joseph Alessi as soloist. Since then the composer has also added a band transcription,so the concerto may be played with orchestra or band. The piano reduction is very playable by college-level pianists and renders this dynamic new concerto nicely suitable for recital performances as well. -the publisher

    Cast in three movements, Quasi una Fantasia, Blues, and Charade. This work, written in 2015 as a commission by the New York Philharmonic Society et al, explores the full range of the F-attachment trombone, from low C above pedal Bb, to high D# an octave over middle C. The first movement, Quasi una Fantasia, starts out Grave and continually accelerates, before coming back to Tempo I for a long coda section. It employs straight and harmon mutes, and is the most agressive and has the widest range of the three movements. Blues takes the tempo down to an easy 6/8 rhythm & blues. The tessitura of the movement remains mostly high and is somewhat evocative of classic mid-20th century big band trombone soloists. Charade alternates between a "slight Swing" and"unswung" sections while clicking along at a nice 160. It features a Cadenza and a slower out-chorus. -cdp

    Bolcom's new work explores the trombone's diverse capabilities through an opening movement (Quasi una fantasia) that interweaves episodes of mysticism and vivacity; a slow movement (Blues) with a relaxed rhythm-and blues swing; and a finale (Charade) in which the soloist's rhythmically liberated phrases earn forceful responses from the orchestra. -New York Philharmonic concert programme, June 10, 2016.

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