Mueller, Christian Gottlieb (Pfefferkorn/Ludwig) Concertino in Eb, op 5

Bass Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Mueller, Christian Gottlieb (Pfefferkorn/Ludwig)

    Concertino in Eb, op 5 (Pfefferkorn/Ludwig)

    Romantic. By Christian Gottlieb Mueller. An original work written specifically for the trombone, dating from 1832 (indicated as "Trombone Basso Principale"). Although nominally for bass trombone, it is clear the work is actually intended for tenor with Fattachment due to the high tessitura and only occassional low register notes. Interestingly, this work was composed for Carl Traugott Queissner, the same virtuoso trombone soloist for whom the famous Concertino in Eb, opus 4 by Ferdinand David was written. It is a long, demanding work, with a wide range (6 pages, 229 playing measures, 309 total, ranging from pedal F (FF or F1) to high E-flat (eb2 or Eb5). Ossia passages are included to condense the extreme range. Orchestral materials are availablefor rental from the publisher. -cdp

    (Forward excerpt by Nick Pfefferkorn)

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