McDougall, Ian Concertino - Angel or Devil?

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • McDougall, Ian

    Concertino - Angel or Devil?

    Ian McDougall has written a stellar new major work entitled Concertino for Trombone with Piano accompaniment, "Devil or Angel?". The composition is in three movements: I Cherub vs Imp; II Guardian; III Old Nick. This new work was commissioned by his former student, Gordon Wolfe, principal trombonist of the Toronto Symphony. The Concertino is one of the featured works on Wolfe's beautiful new recording, REFLECTIONS. Here is what the composer says about his own work:

    "The 'tritone' has been referred to as a dissonance for centuries, and has been called 'the devil in music'. This interval can be quite difficult to sing in tune, and can often grate on the ears, yet it can also have a great dramatic effect. It is tuly a 'devilish' little beast, and it is what inspired me. The devil's antagonist is surely an angel. So, imagine one's guardian angel on one shoulder, and 'Old Nick' on the other, battling for your conscience, and you will essentially have what this three movement piece is all about."

    Concertino is for very advanced performers and is about 15 minutes in length. -the publisher

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