Castello (Schwartz/LaFratta) Sonata No 4

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Castello (Schwartz/LaFratta)

    Sonata No 4 (Schwartz/LaFratta)

    Book I of twelve Sonate Concertate In Stil moderno, per Sonar nel Organo, overo Spineta con diversi Instrumenti. A 2. č 3. voci Con Basso Continuo by Venetian Dario Castello (fl early 17th Century), Maestro of the Ensemble of Wind Instruments at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, was first published in Venice in 1621. Both Books I and II (of seventeen sonatas) received publication in 1629 in Venice by Bartolomeo Magni. The dedication to Emperor Ferdinand II, dated September 15, 1627, may actually indicate an earlier date of composition for Book II.

    His Sonate Concertate were so popular that many subsequent editions were published, i.e., Book II in 1644 by Bartolomeo Magni in Venice, Book II in 1656 by Petro Phalesio of Antwerp (Pierre Phalese), Book I in 1658 by Francesco Magni in Venice, and Book I again in 1658 by Pierre Phalese. Book I represents perhaps the earliest collection of purely instrumental sonatas. Although Castello wrote the Exultate Deo Motet, published in 1625 and 1636, his fame and even biographical information is based primarilyupon the publication of these two books of Sonate Concertate. -the publisher

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