Wagenseil, Georg Christoph (Trudel/Toussaint) Concerto in Eb

Alto Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Wagenseil, Georg Christoph (Trudel/Toussaint)

    Concerto in Eb (Trudel/Toussaint) [alto clef]

    Early Classical. One of the earliest Concertos written specifically for the trombone. In two movements, Adagio and Allegro Assai. As recorded by Canadian trombone virtuoso Alain Trudel. Oversized piano score. Solo part in alto clef. -cdp

    Recorded by (editions may vary):
    Θ - Ron Barron, on Evening from the 18th Century - CD 53576 (with orchestra)
    Θ - Dany Bonvin, on Ovation - CD 34613
    Θ - Jacques Mauger, on Baroque Trombone Concertos - CD 81104 (with orchestra)
    Θ - Branimir Slokar, on Concertos - CD 25928
    Θ - Henry Charles Smith, on Remastered Recordings - CD 100765 Θ - Jorgen Van Rijen, on Sacbutt - CD 80309 (on sacbutt)

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