Kenny, John Bleaklow Fragment

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Kenny, John

    Bleaklow Fragment

    21st Century. After the death of anyone very close to us, the mind is flooded with memories like snap-shots in a mental album, or scenes from a film that we somehow seem to have been a part of: sensations of a reality that we long to touch, but which liejust beyond our grasp. Often these seem as waking such image of my long friendship with Paul centres on a mid winter day in the late 0's when we set out together to climb Bleaklow Hill, in the Peak district. Dark and forbidding at the best of times, on that day an icy mist swirled in uneven strata, making rocks and stunted bushes appear to float in mid air. All sound was muffled, our vaporous breath hanging about us, we lost all sense of direction and began to worry about approaching darkness. Suddenly the air cleared, as if a giant hand had wiped condensation off a mirror - and we realised we had reached the summit. Below us in the near distance we could see nothing but a sea of white mist, but above .... the deep, deep blue twilight sky; and far away, the faint aurora of an unseen, great city. We sat in silence and listened to a stillness that throbbed - not needing to say anything, but sharing a timeless moment of deep empathy. I never told Paul, but I picked up a fragmentof rock on top of Bleaklow that day, which I kept with me for years: a shard of something ancient, rugged, glistening mica - not as a talisman, but as a reminder of a sense "rightness" which seemed to contain some important personal truth. It was a reminder of friendship. When I decided to write this piece, I closed my eyes, and let my mind's eye wander through the scene - and the music simply wrote itself.

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    Θ - John Kenny, on A Field of Scarecrows - CD 101540

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