Keenan Field of Scarecrows

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Keenan

    Field of Scarecrows [alto & tenor]

    For solo alto/tenor trombone [1 performer using both instruments] and piano. Contemporary/avante-garde work for alto/tenor trombone commissioned by John Kenny. The original idea for A Field of Scarecrows came from a dream, in which scarecrows were dancing in a summer field full of hay bales. Paul abruptly stopped the car one dayamd jumped out excitedly. 'This is it, Jane!' he said. 'This is my field of scarecrows.' I gazed in amazement across the golden stubble, so still in the sunshine. Not a scarecrow in sight. Perhaps the contrast of these images accounts for the lyrical delicacy and disembodied eeriness which can be heard simultaneously in the music. Paul was later to remark a chillier foreshadowing - he could hear his illness, which must also have been present, undiagnosed at the time of writing. Yet this is the piece that discovered multiphonics in the birdsong upon which it is based, and the only piece into which Paul incorporated improvisation and the spoken word. These elements consciously pay tribute to the musicians for whom it was written; the 'field' of the title being a harmonic field. And the scarecrows? All in the mind's ear. (Jane Keenan, Paxton Dene, 21 July 2002).
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