Anonymous (Shiffrin/Clarke) Saint Thomas Sonata

Alto Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Anonymous (Shiffrin/Clarke)

    Saint Thomas Sonata (Shiffrin/Clarke)

    Renaissance (mid-1600's). One of the earliest works known to have been written specifically for the trombone, first appearing in print around 1700. Also published as SONATA in 1978, edited by Irv Wagner (Accura Music) and in 2002, edited by Howard Weiner(Ensemble Publications). This edition, like the others, has been editorially reconstructed in places, due to an original manuscript that suffered from poor penmanship, faulty note alignment, missing notes and figures, etc.. Two solo parts are provided, one in alto clef and one in bass clef. The keyboard part is optimied for performance on piano. -cdp
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