Prescott Suite. op 18

Alto Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Prescott

    Suite. op 18 [alto clef]

    20th Century (1985). For alto trombone, though in this edition, the alto trombone part is transposed. The transposition is odd though: it is in bass clef, and is set up so that a tenor player can play alto trombone using tenor positions. For example, theopening pitch is F# concert (F# above middle C), but the alto part shows, in the bass clef, C# (one ledger above the staff). When playing concert F# above middle C on an E-flat alto, you play it in 2nd position (as though you were playing a middle C# onyour tenor). The transposed part serves to make it possible for a tenor player to play the work on alto without having to read alto clef or know the placement of notes on the instrument. A standard alto part is oddly, not provided. -cdp

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    Θ - Jo-Dee Davis, on In the Moment - CD 39586

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