Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai (Dondeyne/Leloir) Concerto (1878)

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai (Dondeyne/Leloir)

    Concerto (1878) (Dondeyne/Leloir)

    Romantic. Leloir/Billaudot edition: Old style engraving, a little faint and not as easy to read. Tempo directions include MM markings. Rehearsal letters are in different locations than Kalmus. Some multi-measure rests have been replaced with orchestral cues. There is only one page turn, which is well planned (pages arranged 1-2 front and 3-4 back). The articulations follow closely (but not exactly) to the Kalmus. Leloir has added many parenthetical dynamic markings between the originals. There is an error in the 5th measure before U (F should be D). The notes and rhythms of the cadenzas have not been altered, but have been heavily annotated for style, with a few ossia notes (pedal F and Eb) added to the end of the second cadenza. The Kalmus' E-Eb error has also been corrected. All octaves are the same as in the Kalmus edition. -cdp

    Recorded by: (editions may vary)
    Θ - Carl Lenthe, on Audition Window - CD 46871
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on All the Lonely People - CD 24670
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on Windpower - CD 29637 (with band)
    Θ - Doug Yeo, on Take 1 - CD 30315

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