Pryor, Arthur (Smith) Annie Laurie

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Pryor, Arthur (Smith)

    Annie Laurie (Smith)

    19th Century. American. Edited by Glenn Smith. Key of Eb concert. For a matching version for trombone & full band, see item 026068.

    This edition appears to be fairly close to the original and has little in the way of added articulations or edits. Opens with a exposition and cadenza, followed by a statement of the main theme at bar 29. The first variation at bar 51 contrasts initial dotted eighth-sixteenth pairs with running triplets (unlike other edited editions which tripletize these opening figures). Following Variation I is a Maestoso section (unlabeled, but it's Variation II), which itself is followed by a final variation (Variation III), labeled Finale and marked Allegro. It is comprised largely of running 16th notes with some wide leaps. A short cadenza ends the work.

    •  Exposition & Cadenza
    •  Theme
    •  Variation I (triplet)
    •  Variation II (Maestoso)
    •  Variation III (Finale, 16ths with leaps)
    •  Coda

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Ron Barron, on All American Trombone - CD 26008
    Θ - Ronald Borror, on Trombone - CD 72835
    Θ - Cedric Vergere, on Slide Odyssey CD 37292
    Θ - Larry Zalkind, on Encore! - CD 46704

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