Nestico, Sammy Reflective Mood

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Nestico, Sammy

    Reflective Mood

    20th Century (1964). Classy jazz ballad style, lays well on the trombone. Available again in a trombone & band version, see item 089000. -cdp

    Written in 1964 and dedicated to his trombone teacher, Matthew Shiner, this popular Nestico original is a warm ballad with rubato passages, two cadenzas, and a high range to B4 (opt. C5). -the publisher

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Stanley Clark, on Contrasts - CD 034595
    Θ - Josh Hauser, on Slide Ride - CD 058965

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    • Grade/Level: Grade 4 - Intermediate
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