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  • Fratres

    Performances by Doug Yeo (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Arizona State University retired) & Gerry Pagano (Saint Louis Symphony) of a number of works for bass trombone duet, with Michael Lake, piano/percussion/synthesizers.

    "Born from an initial meeting many years ago at Tanglewood between Doug Yeo and Gerry Pagano, this CD is the result of two bass trombonists who through the years have also become good friends. The CD after all, is titled Fratres, which is latin for Brothers. Gerry and I also go back several years from our time together at Arizona State University. We recorded Roads Less Traveled together and had a blast in the process. Doug and Gerry recorded a wide variety of music for this CD that spans nearly 600 years. Bartok, Bach, Tommy Pederson, Bill Reichenbach, me and more are represented on this unique expression of two good friends playing some bass trombone duets." -Michael Lake

    •  PEDERSON: Crimson Collup
    •  BARTOK: Selections from 44 Duets for Two Violins
    •  GORDON & JOHNS: Lossafunk!
    •  BACH: Concerto for Two Violins, BWV.1043
    •  PEDERSON: Selections from Ten Duets for Bass Trombones
    •  PART: Fratres
    •  TELEMANN: Sonata No 6, from 18 Canons Melodieux
    •  PEDERSON: Selections from Ten Pieces for Two Bass Trombones
    •  LUPACCHINO: Bicinium
    •  GASTOLDI: Musica a Due Voci
    •  ANONYMOUS: Fantasie
    •  LAKE: Devils & Angels
    •  REICHENBACH: Chief & Frank


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