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    Known for being "an eclectic group with high energy" JazzBonez, a trombone ensemble based in Austin, Texas, has become one of the nation's premiere jazz trombone ensembles. The group came together in 2006 while attending graduate school at The Universityof Texas at Austin. As a jazz trombone ensemble, the band is committed to promoting the trombone and continuing the legacy of great jazz trombone groups of Slide Hampton, JJ Johnson, Kai Winding and the Capitol Bones. In 2007, under the name Texas Jazz Bones, the ensemble won the International Trombone Association's Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition and the Eastern Trombone Workshop's National Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition.


    •  GUIDI: Watch It!
    •  ARTHURS: When You're All Alone
    •  RICHARDS: Pangaean Groove
    •  M. WILDER: Fourcast
    •  M. WILDER: Sharing Dreams
    •  M. WILDER: Dans Un Monde Reves
    •  THOMASON: The Phoenix
    •  RENTER: The Balance of Things
    •  GOLSON: Stablemates

    "These guys are killing it! JazzBonez has all the elements: virtuosic players, arrangers, and creative and artistic improvisors_" -Reggie Watkins, Former Director of the Maynard Ferguson Big Band

    "JazzBonez rocks!! Run, don't walk, to pick up their incredible debut CD, Watch It! _they are just as electrifying live as they are in the studio. Bravo JazzBonez!" -Michael Davis, International recording artist/Founder, Hip-Bone Music

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