Van Dijk, Ben & Friends Never Alone

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  • Never Alone

    Includes VERHELST Intrada (trombone choir); Concertino (bass trombone & chamber string orchestra); Capriccio (bass trombone & trombone sextet) REIJNGOUD Never Alone (bass trombone & trombone quartet); My Spanish Heart; EGEA Rapsodia Flamenca (bass trombone & trombone quintet); VAN DIJK Cancion para Cas. Says Ben, "Proudly I present you my fourth solo bass trombone CD. For this recording I have sought for the ultimate diversity in both musical styles and instrumentation. You will hear seven brand-new compositions for solo bass trombone, all written for me by some of the finest composers in music industry today! 'Never Alone' will not only feature trombone-ensemble and flamenco guitar - like on my first CD 'Nana' - but will also bring you compositions with brass band and string orchestra."
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