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  • Christian Lindberg - The Total Musician DVD

    DVD format. The DVD includes a documentary film about Conductor/Composer/Soloist Christian Lindberg; a documentary about his composition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the famous brass-western Brassbones; a performance of the legendary Motorbike Concerto; and much much more. Tracks include To Follow Your Own Star (biographical film - 59:59 minutes); Across the Pond and Beyond - TYhe Making of Chick'a'Bone Checkout (film concerning the creation of the bass trombone concerto for Charlie Vernon andthe Chicago Symphony Orchestra - 56:30 minutes); A Blast from the Past (video recordings of four classic works - SANDSTROM Motorbike Concerto; BERIO Sequenza V; CAGE Solo and KAGEL Atem - 80:11 minutes). Brassbones (video short with a brass instrument and western movie theme - 19:07 minutes); Bombay Bay Barracuda (video short created for Swedish TV in the style of an MTV video. Total time: 3 hours, 39 minutes, 20 seconds.

     Christian Lindberg - The Total Musician DVD

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