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    Norman Bolter, principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, along with The "Frequency Band" Endeavour, releases this CD with five of his original compositions. From live performances in concert, October 19th, 1997. Includes: 1. On With Battle Of Life (trombone choir) 2. Passions of Survival (trombone & orchestra) 3. Song of King David (trombone & piano) 4. Ancient Twinkle Appearing (trombone trio) 5. Of Mountains, Lakes & Trees (bass, tenor, and alto with orchestra) Kudos: "SPECTACULAR!!!!!! The music if wonderful and truly inspirational. Thank you for putting it in the world to hear. 'Passions of Survival' is unbelievable! Great playing and great music. I'm honored to be able to play 'Of Mountains...' as many times as possible! Awesome sounds and atmospheric conditions. THANK YOU!" --Charles Vernon (bass trombonist Chicago Symphony Orchestra) "I absolutely loved it!" --Glenn Dodson (principal trombonist, Philadelphia Orchestra) "As composer, conductor, speaker and performer, Bolter captivated in rapt attention all of those in attendance." --David Begnoche (ITA Journal)
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