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  • Le Trombone Francais

    Le Trombone Francais is a collection of French concours works written for examinations at the Paris Conservatory of Music. Their lyric beginnings and brilliant technical endings defined a style which remains in wide use as tests of trombonists' abilities. Additionally, there are three works from the 1950s including the famous Deux Danses of Jean-Michel Defaye. Recorded in 1975, this album has sold worldwide, helping to commence a bourgeoning interest in and market for trombone solo recordings. Contents: BERGHAMS The Bearded Lady; BOUTRY Capriccio; DEFAYE Two Dances; GUILMANT Morceau Symphonique; ROPARTZ Piece in Ebm; SAINT-SAENS Cavatine; SALZEDO Piece Concertante.
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