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  • Duo Attema-Haring

    Duo Attema-Haring consists of bass trombonist Brandt Attema and harpist Astrid Haring and is the first duo worldwide of its kind. This album presents their striking versatile combination to the world and honours the adventurous composers who wrote for them. Includes:
    1. LAGO Vision Apocaloptica III
    2. LAGO Las Noches De Verano II
    3. RIHM Figur
    4. De FALLA Nana
    5. PADDING Schumann's Last Procession
    6. MENALLED Sincrónico
    7. MEIJERING Chacha
    9. MEIJERING Harpe Diem
    10. PIAZOLLA Milonga Sin Palabras
    11. Bonus Video of the Recording of Track 3 - Figur.
    This CD is a study in contemporary avant garde sounds. Attema's playing is superb, and the combination of harp and trombone is as refreshing in timbre as much as it is in contrast. -cdp
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