Danner, Greg Serengeti

Brass Quintets w/Percussion

  • Danner, Greg

    Serengeti [211.01 w/percussion]

    21st Century (2009). Serengeti is named for the area in east central Africa that is one of the most fascinating environments on earth. The composition can be thought of as illustrating three scenes from this region. The first movement, "Endless Plains" suggests the vast grassland that is much of the Serengeti and the activity of a day on these plains. Serengeti becomes a different place when darkness falls. The second movement, "Twilight" attempts to capture the beauty and mystery of that time. It is the migration for which Serengeti is perhaps most famous. The final movement, "Great Migration" gives a sense of the forward drive and drama of this unique event. - the composer

    This colorful, programmatic work features contemporary techniques such as blowing air through instruments while using valves to articulate various rhythms. Asymmetrical meters, driving/intricate rhythms, straight mutes required for trumpets, trombone plays occasionally in tenor clef. -pc

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