Buss, Howard Sonic Fables

Brass Quintets w/Percussion

  • Buss, Howard

    Sonic Fables [211.01 w/percussion]

    20th Century. Musical representations of six of Aesop's fables including: The Hawk and the Nightingale; The Middle-aged Man and His Two Mistresses; The Cat and the Rooster; The Piping Fisherman; The Piping Fisherman; The Fox and the Leopard; The Lion andthe Bear. The text of the fables is provided and may be used as program notes. Each fable may also by recited by a member of the ensemble or a narrator prior to performing the accompanying movement. Because of the programmatic subject matter and the colorful spirit of the music, Sonic Fables works well with all types of audiences, including those of children. It is frequently used as a feature number by professional ensembles on school programs. The percussion part requires 2 suspended cymbals, temple blocks, snare drum, tomtom, triangle, tambourine, wind chimes, xylophone, and tam-tam. The percussionist has numerous solos during the composition as well as an extended cadenza. Rhythmic demands and sophisticated orchestration require a mature ensemble. Straight mutes required for the quintet, second trumpet requires a harmon mute. The total duration is about 17 minutes; however, the 8 movements may be performed in smaller groupings if so desired by the performers. Score & parts.

    (score & trumpet 1 sample pages)

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