Bruckner, Anton (Johns) Scherzo, from Symphony No 4

15-Part Brass Choirs w/Percussion

  • Bruckner, Anton (Johns)

    Scherzo, from Symphony No 4 (Johns) [444.21 or 443.11 w/timpani]

    Romantic. Symphony No. 4, also known by the composer himself as the "Romantic" was written in 1874, but revised several times and premiered in 1881 in Vienna. The subtitle actually does not refer to romantic love, but a medieval romance such as some of Wagner's operas. The movement titled "Scherzo" is full of adventure and vitality with a relaxed middle section. Bruckner himself hinted that the Scherzo movement was a "Jadthema" or hunting theme and "Volkfest" or people's festival. The hunting horns arecalling, the brass are blowing their fanfares and it is a good day to be hunting. The main feeling from this movement is a strong feeling of the great outdoors. Mr. Johns has arranged this work for 15-part brass ensemble and optional timpani. This work is suitable for advanced performers and is about 5 minutes in length. -the publisher

    Trumpets 1 & 2 are in C. Trumpets 3 & 4 are in Bb. Trumpet 4 double piccolo. Euphonium can be used in place of bass trombone (443.11) or euphonium can be used in addition to bass trombone (444.11).

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