Dunnick, D. Kim & Jane Dunnick Teaching Brass to Beginners, 3rd edition

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  • Dunnick, D. Kim & Jane Dunnick

    Teaching Brass to Beginners, 3rd edition

    Originally written for the Ithaca College brass minors class and now used in a variety of colleges and universities around North America. Teaching Brass to Beginners is designed to be an overview of each of the brass instruments, as well as the family as a whole. It contains essential pedagogical concerns, as well as a discussion of each instrument's unique role and traditional use, plus has discussion on playing and instructional techniques. The appendices contain scales, simple warmups and several simple ensemble arrangements suitable for performance by members of the brass class. This book is an inexpensive yet effective alternative to excessively high-priced volumes that are currently on the market. As such, it's far more likely the bookwill actually remain in your students' libraries once the class has concluded and they've graduated, allowing them to use it again and again as a reference once they are employed in the field. Revised and expanded 2010 edition. College & University Professors: a more extensive PDF sample/desk copy is available, please inquire. 52 pages. -cdp

    •  1. Brass Instruments
    •  2. Brass Acoustics
    •  3. Brass Hictory
    •  4. Posture & Breating
    •  5. The Embouchure
    •  6. Tonguing
    •  7. Tre Trumpet & Cornet
    •  8. The Horn
    •  9. The Trombone
    •  10. The Euphonium & Baritone
    •  11. The Tuba
    •  12. Other Brasses
    •  13. Transposition
    •  14. Compensating Devices
    •  15. Mouthpieces
    •  16. Mutes
    •  17. Maintenance
    •  18. Buying Instruments & Supplies
    •  Appx A. Refernce Materials
    •  Appx B. Brass Organizations
    •  Appx C. Fingering & Slide Position Charts
    •  Appx D. Basic Scales
    •  Appx E. Basic Exercises
    •  Appx F. Brass Ensemble Pieces

    (Table of Contents)
    (chapter 4 sample)
    (Ensemble: HAYDN Variations)
    (Ensemble: Not Found in Theory I)
    (Ensemble: New Time Signature)
    (Ensemble: Jingle Bells)

    Dunnick Teaching Brass to Beginners, 3rd edition

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