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    Time, Balance & Connections

    Subtitled, "A Universal Theory of Brass Relativity"

    A friend of mine once told me that he thought that my first book (The American Trombone) was less a method "book" than a method book "kit". So is this one, only better. You can almost custom build your own method using these concepts.

    You want extreme range, high or low? Flexibility? Control? Speed? Power? Endurance? Sound? Better slide technique? Any combination of these things? The means to do so are in Time, Balance And Connections. All you have to do is dig them out and then applythem to your own playing.

    Anyone from an intelligent beginner through to a dedicated pro will be able to find useful information in this book. As I have said elsewhere, a stock Bach m?pce costs almost exactly as much as does Time, Balance And Connections. How many millions of dollars are spent every year on brass equipment? I will flat out guarantee that anyone who intelligently applies themself to the concepts laid out in this book for three solid months will see improvements greater than those that can be brought about any equipment upgrade short of perhaps replacing a truly awful instrument with a really good one. It is nothing less than a method book for those who wish to create their own method.

    Please read some of the book below for an idea of how it approaches the art and craft of brass playing. I include the fourth sample (Pages 30-55) only to illustrate how far some of these exercises can be taken, exercises that start with the simplest chance-driven choices and limitations. The extended sequence starting on page 36 is not an "exercise" that one should learn in and of itself; it is simply an example of where you can go by using the techniques provided in this book. The possibilities forvariation are nearly endless. I do not believe that I have repeated a practice day in 30 years, and yet everything that I practice moves towards particular goals that I have set for myself. You can do the same. Have fun. I am. -Sam Burtis

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