Fantini, Girolamo (Tarr) Modo per Imparare a Sonare (1638)

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  • Fantini, Girolamo (Tarr)

    Modo per Imparare a Sonare (1638) (Tarr)

    English translation by Edward H Tarr regarding Girolamo Fantini's trumpet method from the 1600's (see item 80627 for the facsimile edition). The method itself (not included) is fully titled, Method for Learning to Play the Trumpet in a Warlike Way asWell as Musically, with the Organ, with a Mute, with the Harpsichord, and Every Other Instrument. Fantini was the Chief Court Trumpeter of His Most Serene Highness the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand II. This translation provides an introduction byTarr regarding the impact of Girolamo Fantini on the trumpet world past and present. Translation is information relative to Fantini's instructions in how his method is to be used and other historical facts surrounding this publication and Fantini's career. 19 pages. -pc

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