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    The purpose of the study recorded in this book is to focus on the work of the members of the trombone section that was at the heart of Ellington's acclaimed orchestra from its beginnings until Ellington's death in 1974. Much of the study focuses on the three giants who were the section in the 1930s and early 1940s: Joe Nanton, Juan Tizol and Lawrence Brown.
    In this engaging history of Duke Ellington's trombonists, Kurt Dietrich simultaneously honors an instrument often slighted in the literature and opens up a new chapter in the study of jazz orchestration and composition. Focusing on one section of the Ellington band allows Dietrich to get inside the creative process of give-and-take that characterized this extraordinary ensemble. And with his intimate knowledge of the trombone and its capabilities, Dietrich can explain both how Ellington's brass players invented such a richly expressive tonal vocabulary and employed it with such awe-inspiring eloquence." (Mark Tucker author, "Ellington: The Early Years" and editor, "The Duke Ellington Reader") 224 pages.
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