Mozart, Leopold (Angerer) Concertino

Alto Trombone Solos w/Orchestra

  • Mozart, Leopold (Angerer)

    Concertino (Angerer)

    Extracted from Leopold Mozart's nine movement "Serenade" of 1755, three movements of which are original for trombone. Tenor or Alto clef. Range G3 to D5. This Concertino is the same work as the "Concerto" as published by others, but it includes only the three original trombone movements as intended by Mozart. Movements are entitled Allegro, Adagio, Menuetto. Forces are solo alto trombone; 0200 winds; 2200 brass; 66414 strings; tympani; cembalo. Trumpets in D. Includes score, solo & ensemble parts.

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    Θ - Jacques Mauger, on Baroque Trombone Concertos - CD 81104 (with orchestra)

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