MKS 7 Cutaway Trombone Mouthpiece, Small Shank

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  • MKS 7

    Cutaway Trombone Mouthpiece, Small Shank

    A standard Bach size 7 small shank trombone/euphonium mouthpiece with a unique cut-away body. Constructed of solid stainless steel.

    MKS Cutaway Mouthpieces were designed, developed and tested over a period of seven years with students of all ages from beginner through adult. My goal was to create a tool that would help my students connect the process of what the lips are actually doing when playing a brass instrument with what is coming out of the bell. Once the connection between buzzing and tone production is established, students will advance their playing very quickly. - the manufacturer

    All MKS Cutaway Mouthpieces are machined from stainless steel and will provide a lifetime of use with no worries of plating wearing off. All MKS products are manufactured in Iowa, USA, which allows us to have control over all stages of quality control. Each unit is examined before it is packaged.

    •  Plays like a regular mouthpiece and fits in your instrument with no awkward offset.
    •  Helps improve range, tone, and flexibility.
    •  Helps reduce unnecessary embouchure pressure and fatigue.
    •  Helps develop an easy and relaxed tone by identifying areas of stress and inefficiency within the body.
    •  Helps focus your fundamentals for maximum efficiency.
    •  Is a great diagnostic tool for players of all ages.
    •  Is machined from stainless steel for a lifetime of use.
    •  Is 100% made in the USA.

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