EZ Bucket Trombone Bucket Mute - 6.5 inch bell

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    Trombone Bucket Mute - 6.5 inch bell

    Fits 6.5" (165mm) diameter bells. Attaches to the front of the bell like a traditional bucket mute. Instead of spring clips, this model slips on to the rim quickly on a set of three wide hooks. This makes for easy and fast *one handed* mute changes. Constructed of thick black plastic, with a padded foam pillow interior. Weighs less than a pound.

    Note: The mute is slightly smaller than advertised so that it can be clipped on and stay in place. This means the mute will "stretch" somewhat when it is put into place. If you wish a looser fit, select a larger size. Here are the measured specs for thismodel:

     • Advertised nominal size: 6.5 inches ..
     • Actual mute body diameter (approximate): 6-3/8 inches
     • Actual inside distance between the clips (approx): 6.4 inches

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