Monette Prana TT4 S1 LT Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank

Trombone Mouthpieces

  • Monette Prana TT4 S1 LT

    Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank

    The TT4 S1 is similar to our TT5 S1 mouthpiece, but in a slightly larger rim diameter. Our TT4 S1 compares to the 4G size, and is popular with orchestral and symphonic players. It is a great mouthpiece for anyone looking for faster response and cleaner articulation while still playing a larger orchestral mouthpiece. Similar in overall build to a traditional (i.e. Bach) 4G. - the manufacturer/cdp

    •  Bright gold plate finish on rim and interior
    •  Matte gold plate finish on cup exterior
    •  Prana series
    •  Resonance LT standard weight blank
    •  Comparable to Bach 4G

    Please Note: Monette trombone mouthpieces not in stock are made to order and take about 3-6 months to produce. The mouthpiece will ship immediately when available - even if this is ahead of the production schedule. In the event of an unexpected production delay, we will contact you to update you regarding delivery schedule.

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    • (usually ships in 60 to 90 days)