Griego Artist 1A Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank - silver plate

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  • Griego Artist 1A

    Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank - silver plate

    Large shank trombone mouthpiece for the advanced player.
    •  26.92mm (1.060 inch) cup diameter.
    •  Shallow "A" cup.
    •  0.295" throat.
    •  Compares roughly (though somewhat larger) to a Bach 2G in diameter.
    •  Equivalent to Greg Black 1AL.

    "The perfect solo mouthpiece for the principal trombonist. Large, demanding works and solos require equipment to be its most efficient. The shallow cup of the 1A allows for ease in the upper register and a more brilliant sound, allowing the player's sound to carry over any ensemble in any acoustic environment." -Griego

    The primary objective in creating the Griego Artist line was to provide a great mouthpiece as well as a great mouthpiece series. Each series currently has six cup depths (A, B, C, D, E and F, with F being the deepest) with identical cup diameters and rimshapes. The differences between the mouthpieces in each series are in the cup depths and throat dimensions.

    What this means for you...

    Once you have chosen the mouthpiece that best suits your playing, you should be able to move freely among the other mouthpieces in that series to find the optimal cup depths and throat dimensions to satisfy your musical requirements. Griego has taken great care to keep the specifications of the Artist series mouthpieces exact, and to that end, no alterations were made to the rim or cup dimensions of any mouthpieces produced for previous artist lines.

    Griego-Artist Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank - gold

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