Griego .25 New York Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - silver

Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

  • Griego .25 New York

    Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - silver

    A very large bass trombone mouthpiece.
    •  29.40mm cup diameter.
    •  8.08mm (0.318") throat bore.
    •  Silver plated.
    The Griego ".25" is the largest bass mouthpiece we make. Although we can honestly say that this model has great response and an even sound in all registers, in reality this mouthpiece is for professionals that have a consistent practice schedule and are used to playing very large equipment. If a person is lacking in air support and embouchure development, the ".25" will not be very forgiving. Traditional "New York" style exterior is similar in appearance to Bach models, but slightly heavier, with the weight distributed evenly around the bottom of the cup. - the manufacturer
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